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Our Products to Help Avoid Erectile Dysfunction

Some males desire only sexual enhancement while others actually suffer from erectile dysfunction and wish to solve the problem. Regardless of a man's reason for wanting enhancement, his erections are based on blood flow to, and retention in, his penis. Because magnetic therapy has been scientifically shown to increase blood flow to the treated body area, the Magnehance™ is an ideal product to provide drug- and prescription-free enhancement to men of all types.
Magnehance Complete
The Magnehance Complete is the complete magnetic, sexual enhancement device for men. The Complete includes one super-flexible neodymium iron boron magnetic insert, one all-cotton pouch, and one 20-foot roll of half-inch, double-coated adhesive tape (enough for 120 uses). Proudly made in the USA.
$ 34.99

Pouch 2-Pack
The Pouch 2-Pack contains two all-cotton pouches, each of which is specially designed to hold the Magnehance magnetic insert.
$ 14.99

Magnet Insert
The Magnet Insert is the same super-flexible neodymium iron boron magnetic insert that is part of the Magnehance Complete.
$ 24.99

Tape 3-Pack
The Tape 3-pack contains three 20-foot rolls of half-inch, double-coated adhesive (enough for 360 uses!). This is the same tape supplied with the Magnehance Complete.
$ 9.99



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